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What was intended as a quick joke mashup soon turned into a 6-hour project

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Both of my finals are today, and I feel abnormally calm about this.
And if things go as planned, today will also be my last day on campus at Delta. I always imagined I'd be panicking a lot on this day, but it frankly feels like just another Thursday.

If I pass these two classes (which I have no doubt I will), I'll leave Delta with a total of 62 credits. That's enough for an associate's degree, except I don't meet the major requirement. The classes I need for that are offered over the Summer, but not on campus, so... guess I'm taking a bunch of online classes before I move!

In other news, I now run a Twitch channel, where I stream every Sunday at about noon. I've compiled highlight videos from the first two streams if any of y'all want to check them out! (The second one's an hour long, you've been warned)

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What the fuck how long has blinking text been disabled
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Oh hey, time to update my anime/DVD/manga collection!

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Let me tell you a little something about Super Smash Bros.
I. Fucking. Love it.
Hannah and John and I have gotten dozens, maybe even hundreds of hours of fun out of Melee. Like the other week the game literally gave us a notification that we've played 5,000 matches.

BUT THE GAME AND A WII U AND A GAMECUBE CONTROLLER ADAPTER AND THREE NEW CONTROLLERS (since our current ones are jankety from 15 years of wear and tear) WOULD COST LIKE $450
(oh right because I was offered one only to be screwed out of it)
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Welp, it finally happened. There are ants in my room, and I don't know where they're coming from.
Most of the ones I've seen were right in the middle of the room, which makes it even harder to identify where they're coming from.

My only option now is to completely gut my room. I'll be living in the front room during this time. It's been only one night and I'm already coughing and sneezing up a storm from all the dust.

My dad says he'll bring a folding table in here so I can set up my computer, but for now, I've got my PS3 for internet stuff. I need to do my homework though, so getting my computer set up is a must.

This really sucks. And it's still going to be more than a month before I can start looking for work and take my first step toward getting out of here.
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The ants continue their hostile takeover of my home.
Earlier this week, they started coming onto the roof. They are all up in the gutters, which are too high up to reach even with our longest ladder which cost a fortune. A bunch have crawled along the side of the house, too. One finally got into my closet, and two of them have tried to get in through my bedroom window. Connor, who's had ants before, agrees that all I can do at this point is call an exterminator, but my dad, ever the beacon of wisdom, tells me he "wouldn't call a few ants in the gutters an infestation."
That's fine and all, but the point of the matter is that they clearly have a way to get in there, and we have no way to get them out, let alone keep them out. But sure, let's wait for it to become an infestation. Rack up that inevitable exterminator bill, why don't you.

But on the bright side, Hannah and John say they would consider moving in with me if/when I find a job and my own place, which I think will make finding the latter way easier. It's still going to be 6 weeks before I can even start looking, but it's something to look forward to, at least.
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This ant infestation has been going on for six weeks now. The barriers of Raid that I sprayed four weeks ago have worn off, and the ants have started showing up in the bathroom again.
Plus, they're invading not only the patio but the front porch as well. Not once today have I gone outside and not brought at least one ant back in with me. This is getting fucking ridiculous. I am literally further back than square one. I can't afford an exterminator, god damn it.
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These past few days have been miserable.

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Right now we're going through what could be the worst carpenter ant infestation we've ever had. It's been going on for three weeks now.
Now, let me tell you a little something about carpenter ants: They're not like regular ants. Doors and windows are too mainstream for them. Instead they'll tunnel their way into your house like termites. So unlike most ants, these guys are more than a nuisance: They're a threat that can seriously damage a house.

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So Ryan mailed me a whole bunch of chocolate from England but ALSO INCLUDED AMONG THE CHOCOLATE WAS A LITTLE TINY CERAMIC TURTLE

I named the turtle Polnareff. He's now chilling with Etna and Flonne on top of my subwoofer.

This was worth running all around town to pick up from the post office. Just... ffffff ♥
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Meme thing stolen from Mike to let you all know I'm still alive because I didn't bother to reinstall AIM after my umpteenth reformat by the way if anyone wants to comment or PM me their Skype I'll gladly add them.

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I've finished putting together my Pokemon team, with the exception of a few moves which the Pokemon in question will learn by level-up. This is the first time I've bred an entire team (except one), and the first time I've EV trained my Pokemon. I haven't IV bred them, but I figure movesets, EVs and natures are good enough for a test drive.

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'Eyyyyy we gots wifi for real real not for play play and I didn't know until just tonight
3DS friend code 4313-0504-5272
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Taking a break from it right now because I'm sick as a dog but here's my main team

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Oh you thought I wouldn't do this again but GUESS WHAT I'M DOING IT AGAIN

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So the first beta version of the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 fan translation was released today, with the first two episodes fully translated.

The real kicker? My voice is in it.
I won't say who my character is, since non-attorney characters having voice clips is usually a spoiler, but I will say it is a character in the first episode.
I'm really fucking psyched, you guys. Thousands of people are hearing my voice now, even if it is just me half-assedly screaming a single word.

Oh also the translation's pretty good. It feels just like an official translation!
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I am long overdue on updating my game/DVD/manga collection

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